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A step above regular e-mail? Would people feel that's a bit too personal for a somewhat new penpal? You also have to understand.. My penpal is taking Highschool entrance exams although she is a little younger than me so sometimes she can only send e-mails 3 times a month, when we used to talk everyday. But I also have school, so we are both still good friends because we understand this.

I would suggest getting a pen pal who is interested in making friends: It is extra fun when you talk through e-mail and letter, so that way if they cant get online, you still get a letter from them. It cheers you up! Sometimes my penpals don't either. I understand that they may be busy. I do feel bad when I don't response that quickly but sometimes it's hard if you are distracted by something or is not having a good year.

When posting my own ad, I got a lot of responses, but many of those only wrote a couple of times. Since I still have three or four people to write to and also meet some on a more or less regular basis, I dont care that much about the people who don't write anymore, otherwise I would write a second time asking if everything is ok and that I haven't heard anything from them, but that would be it. No need to stress oneself. I also heard that japanese people sometimes don't answer emails for weeks, because they are busy. This also happened to me twice. I don't think the japanese people consider it really rude, it is generally understood that someone might not have the time to answer.

With keitai mail, it's completely different, this system is mainly used for writing short messages. If someone uses their keitai to write lengthy mails to you, then it is natural that they want to do this when they have enough time for a proper answer.

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I perfer a late but lengthy mail over a sloppy short "Hi, still alive but busy, cya". Umi, may I ask, what is so important about knowing the bloods type of another person? The japanese seem to be interested in that very much, I heard that even for certain celebrities and idols the blood type is well known among fans.

I don't even know my own blood type. One of the things I've picked up on - Don't ask too much about getting help with the language, I think it annoys them a bit. I dunno though, since I don't ask much unless I am practicing new material. Record so far is 3 weeks. Incidentally, I didn't know my own blood type until I moved to Japan either. I do not see a persons physical or life challenges as being unfit for exchange. It is part of who you are or what you are going through, so why not share it with your pen pal.

I do however; feel that like any relationship, you have to build up how personal you get with the other person. There are still levels of trust that need to be met. Going on to other points made here: I think that for a start if we eliminate the potential pen pals that are bored, looking for a date or hands on language exchange, those looking for friends that live near them, those only interested in people of a particular sex or age including those that state it does not matter , then PERHAPS we are left with people that are interested by virtual of them writing an ad.

However, we have to remember that there are a number of Japanese who use language translation software to try to make sense of our e-mail. Under the best circumstances this is difficult. This may explain why some of the disappearing pen pals disappear.

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I find that writing short emails are best. If you read and write or at least read Japanese, then write if you can in Japanese and some in English. This allows the pen pal to do the same. Do not look for quick responses since time schedules and such sometimes makes it difficult to write back. I you find that a pen pal suddenly disappears; wait a while and then you make the effort. I have had my share of dead end pen pals, yet I have had some success and have made a few real friends in the process.

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Maybe what I have written will help. Tenshi by tenshi rate this post as useful. This is one reason why I wish I could find deaf Japanese penpals because I was wondering how do they learn their own language, which is some of hardest languages in the world. I learned through emails to write a short emails. That does make sense, if I am using foreign language I would definitely want penpal to write me a short message, lol. And sharing means sharing difference too. So, I sometimes do not hide to my japanese penpals things that I know that I know that will surprise them or that they will not enjoy so much.

And I hope that they would do the same for me. It helps to be open minded. However, my japanese penpal is a guy that don't have a lot of taboos, so it's nice that he can explain me what could be shocking to a japanese in what I have said, without been so shocked himself! For example, I have learned that in japanese speech, silence is important too. In my country, we have the habit to explain, argue and explain again with lot of details. The japanese can be bored with that. They are often false or half false and if you talk with someone that is bored to always listen about japanese women place in the society or that kind of thing, you can hurt without wanting it.

Talking of dead, some years ago, I have stopped to talk with a deaf japanese that was always complaining about the fact to be deaf. I realized later that being deaf in japan was so hard.

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It seem that when you don't fit in the box perfectly in japan, you are kind of excluded by the society. It's not like that in all countries.

And don't worry, mistakes are somethign that we can learn from. Maybe I should try to find out my own blood type then, in case someone asks. Or just take one from wikipedia that fits the best to me.

Ah yes, I write about half of the text in my emails in japanese, me penpals with which I keep in contact for more than a few weeks now do the same. I think this is a fine solution for both persons. Of course it implies more or less that both persons are looking for a way to practice languages. I don't see why you would not want to tell someone you are deaf.

With my experience abroad, I found the culture to be accepting of mostly "normal" people. I agree with John.

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I have been or tried I should say talking to this one girl from Japan and after talking two times she doesn't even get on the messenger any more. People, this is internet, what are you expecting? I've started 8 penpals this month. Unfortunately for people seeking real friends, many people on penpal sites are looking for ways to perfect language or are looking for a mate. It is definitely frustrating when people don't get back to you.

I forgot to ask. Well the thing is, if you are young College or younger your penpal, assuming they are the same age, will have a lot of school work. Sometimes I don't response for about one month.

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It's not just the technology and it's not just the culture steeped in ancient religion and tradition It's somehow a combination of the two. No matter what Japanese technology you look at it seems to be like Western technology but somehow different. Its function, its design, even its name are somehow peculiarly Japanese, which leads to a kind of double-take when you first encounter it, as if you have somehow slipped into a kind of science-fictional alternative reality.

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