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Catch some summer rays with High School Story's final update! Go boho chic with Teenage Dream or shine in Debonair Dude.

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Make sure you unlock all the classmate types and All-Stars available. And don't forget to check out the Makeovers tab for fun looks for your friends! We're so glad that we got to share our High School Story journey with all of you. Love, The Pixelberry Team.

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Create your story of forbidden loves and true friendships in our brand new game! Episode - Choose Your Story. Interactive visual stories where YOU choose what path your character takes! What does it mean when my Classmate is "Ineligible"? How do you play Truth or Dare? When do you get 'The Yearbook' quest? What is the Library?

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What are Pencils, and how do I get more? Can I replay Extra Credit minigames? How can I cancel a date? Can I have more than one 'Isle of Love'? I can't find the decor the quest is asking for! What is a hedge? When do I unlock the Closet? I bought an outfit and I don't have it!

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How do I sell my clothes? Where is the 'Intern Chic' outfit?

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How long will Detention last? How do I get Detention? How do I get out of Detention?

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I changed my timezone because I was traveling and it gave me detention! Can I sell land? I accidentally bought land!

How do I sell or cancel this?! How do I add a football field?

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I love the new poll questions! How do I get more? I picked the wrong answer for a poll! How do I change it? How do I get rid of the speech bubbles? High School Story is a choice-based simulation game. The player is a student attempting to build their own high school, with no given name.

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The player receives coins and rings from finishing quests, though they can also purchase coins and rings with real money in the Store. Coins can also be collected from Hangouts, as each student produces a certain amount of coins per hour depending on their type and level. In the beginning of the game, the player is able to choose their gender and type, though they are only able to choose from three particular cliques: Nerd, Prep, or Jock. There are various types in High School Story which range from basic types such as a Jock, Nerd or Prep to "combined" classmates like Cheerleader, Gamer or Student Government, and the player can gain other students through two different methods: They can either buy students from Admissions using Coins or Rings, or they can try "Partying" to get the type of student they want.

Partying is a game mechanic which allows players to gain special classmates without having to pay directly for them in Admissions. All parties take place in Party Central, which can be found in the Buildings tab for coins and is unlocked after a certain quest is completed. You may only have one Party Central and therefore can only send two classmates to party at a time. After a basic tutorial on the game, Autumn confides in the MC that she is miserable at a future rival school called Hearst High and wishes to attend the MC's school.

They immediately receive a text from the main enemy, Max Warren, son of the principal of Hearst or Kara Sinclair, head cheerleader , depending on the gender of the MC and are threatened stating that unless their school contains fifteen students, it will be closed down. After an introduction to Autumn's friend, Julian, the two characters try to convince him to transfer to the MC's school from Hearst due to him not being able to play because his coach benches him for Max.

To their dismay, he turns them down because his being at the school is the only opportunity to be recognized by football scouts, as he is not entirely good in school or other activities.