Dating ariane achievements

Start with Backyard Picnic. This requires a bit of luck. There is a shot Ariane will request inexpensive and comfortable for a bra and panty set. Prove you are a good dancer by advancing the screen 16 times in as close to perfect rhythm as you can. Use the dance music to get your timing.

  1. House Achievements!
  2. Neighborhood Achievements.
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Pants Off at the Park will get the achievement. Note that the questions are completely different if you go to the museum when Ariane is in a dress. Rebecca will take off her shirt while dancing with Ariane, then you all will get kicked out of the bar. Go downtown, before you do anything else, successfully buy a dress, then go to the lingerie store in the same date. Go to the dress shop and purposely give her two tops or two bottoms so she walks out of the dressing room naked.

Special Date Achievements

I could get it achieved in the older versions. In previous versions I could get all of the achievements. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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Downtown Achievements – Ariane's Life in the Metaverse

Play the trivia game at the bar. So you can do Steak Dinner. Go swimming, challenge her to a race, look at the telescope and get in the hot tub on the same date. Doing the Pool Hijinx walkthrough will get this one.

10/10 BEST DATE - Date Ariane

Do the variant of The Rebecca Trilogy 1 — Marco Polo where instead of swimming you go inside for drinks. This one is covered in Truth or Dare walkthrough.

Deep in the virtual underworld

This one is covered in Pool Hijinx walkthrough. You must win a race.

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Purposely take too long clicking A B C so that Ariane will finish ahead of you. You get a nice view from behind.

Start with Start of a Romantic Evening. You are commenting using your WordPress.