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I remember making a trip to the Valley Of flowers, at ft high, I had difficulty due to my Asthma but for Dinesh Vadera, Kalyankrishnan and Ganesh it was an easygoing outing. I remember Ganesh and I planning a trip for many of us by road in which 3 car-full of couples and friends driving to Bijapur, Badami, Hospet, Hampi all historical places with full arrangements. The number of times we met for parties was countless, many at his own house with gently obtained Kamalas' permission , or at another friends place, 'when the coast is clear', as he used to say with a smile, meaning wife is away.

A colorful journey for Ganesh, in which he did a lot for his family and friends.

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His end coming so soon was very sad. His downfall from his heart bypass on April 18 was almost continuous. Ganesh was a man with wit, wisdom and warmth. He touched many lives and I am positive his memories will last till we ourselves do. I was aware of his farm and had visited a few times in connection with the water pumping issue and once with my nephew, an Agriculture graduate. I also visited the farm when he had called all of us for a get-together.

I used to attend the Annual Music festival at Bandra. I participated in a few sessions of the interviews we used to conduct to decide the names of students to get the Vilas Karnik scholarship. Except in , Ganesh would be the first visitor on Ganesh Chaturthi day to our home Ganapati, would chat with me and Shanta and leave after taking Prasad. He took a very active part in getting together many friends on our Reunion in , and the last one he himself could not attend, but in spite of the worries she must have been going through, Kamala participated in the music performance: I surprised her by getting a cake for her birthday and she cut the cake along with Anil and Carl in front of the entire gathering on the 19th January For the Reunion, Ganesh, Sharad Wagle and I opened an account in a Bank and looked after collection of contributions from the registrants.

A number of typical Ganesh interaction styles would be worth noting and I started following some of them : he would give a call and would hang up. This was to ensure that the receiver did not get disturbed from his work and receiver's work was not interrupted. The subject line in his email would always start with from Ganesh: he would write short lines and brief paragraphs and would always appreciate the good work done by others.

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When we had the 40th Reunion, Ganesh wanted clarity about who all constituted the Class of we all agreed and followed the norm that we evolved: those who joined IIT in and those who graduated in Later, I knew that this expanded our group by several people for everyone's happiness. He was suffering from terminal cancer for some time. He was a down to earth, simpleton with rustic Maharashtrian culture.

In our Wing, we called him Bandya. After graduation, he joined a company owned by my family and soon became the most respected and trusted colleague of my cousin. His honesty, dedication and hard work were unbeatable. The only sad part was, with all my efforts, he never came to attend any of our get-togethers.

Knowing him, I am not surprised by this action. He is always reserved and serious person. A great friend and a permanent recluse. An absolutely uncomplicated and utterly lovable man. Rest in as much peace after death as you lived in life. Missed you all the years that you and I did not meet after and will keep missing you for all the years to come. Subhash Kamte. Subhash Kamte died of a cardiac arrest on the 18 th February at Kolhapur. Subhash and I were neighbours in Matunga for several years metres gap between our Telang Roadhouse and his Shraddhanand roadhouse.

During our 3rd year in Metallurgy when we used to be roommates though divided by a wall , we got to know each other better. Being an adolescent kid, he took lead in 2 prank acts that he organised along with Ayyagari Radhakrishna.

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Two of us kept the Gorkha watchman diverted by taking him to the mess kitchen for some silly issue, while the other two including Subhash started the Lambretta scooter belonging to one junior student parked in front of the entrance and went to the roadside. For the next 3 hours, we kept the scooter busy on the roads. Two of us went to the airport and came back too in that scooter! I learnt 2-wheeler riding for the first time that very night. Around 2 am or so, we silently parked the scooter and went to bed.

Subhash used to get parts like a siren, some lamps from the displayed battle tank and supply electric power to these items in the hostel room. Then siren would start off causing a mini confusion in the hostel. I contacted him several times in the months prior to our Golden Jubilee Reunion trying to persuade him to attend. But he was adamant in not registering, nor attending.

Subhash Kamte passing away was sad news. Kamte was a mischievous but a lovable friend. We were together in the same hostel H5. Part of a large business family he separated from them and started on his own, which unfortunately did not do well. Sad to lose a friend with whom we spend years together. No words. A part of our great dies every time we hear such news.

RIP Subhash, Vikas. Mohan Shenoy died of a cardiac arrest on 26 th February at a hospital at Bengaluru where he would have been treated for gall stones and pancreatic cancer. I am penning my thoughts for K. Mohan Shenoy, mainly from the first year, when we were together in the same wing. It took quite some time to understand his qualities - both depth of knowledge and intelligence. He would hum some songs softly, and I had no inkling of his immense talent which unfolded later on. He was also open to asking his own doubts.

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This bonding became a foundation of our relationship in times to come. This foundation of mutual respect for each others' strong points became stronger with the passage of time. As happens quite a few times, we went our separate ways till get-together and formation of our e-group. He was always willing to pitch in with whatever help he could offer, as also with some Hindi Songs, mostly from the s and s. We had offered to host him and Anuradha for some treatment on 'High sugar' quite near our home at Pune, in the last quarter of After waiting for some weeks, we pressed them to let us know their schedule.

Their quick reply was, 'we are managing at home'. Seemed satisfactory enough in the middle of January.

His phone call on the 17th of February came as a rude shock, for we had no inkling of what he was going through. We had hoped for the best. It was not to be.

The news of his sudden demise came as a rude shock to the two of us, and our sons alike. Knowing Mohan the shy classmate and a one-time wing mate, it was a pleasant surprise to find about 40 years later a Mohan who was quite talkative and social. In the second innings, we always saw and met him with his wife Anuradha. And they made a good couple. Mohan told me and Arun too that he changed from being shy or silent I wouldn't call it exactly an introvert to open after our reunion and he gave all the credit for this change to Arun J.

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But for some reason, I did not and have not ever spoken with the first three in Konkani. For some reason possibly because while Mohan could speak Marathi as good as any other but because he was still from Karnataka, speaking to him in Konkani came naturally. So, in the linguistic sense, Mohan was the closest I had. Archana and out daughter Neeti do not speak Konkani and my Konkani speaking opportunities after my mother passed away have been very limited. As a result, I used to look forward to talking to Mohan. Three or four years ago I and Archana were in Bengaluru and we went over to Shenoy residence.

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They hosted our lunch. We saw their front yard cum garden so rare these days anywhere. What was novel was an Avacado tree which we had not seen in India before. We were more surprised when they told us that they got or so fruits in a season which comes twice a year. Given the price avocados command even in the US let alone in India that was truly amazing. In my mind, I imagined the couple being able to eat guacamole to their heart's content.

In , when we started promoting our 45 th Reunion, we came across communication from Karkala Mohan Shenoy, who was not in our communication lists till then. I knew him as a Classmate in Chemical Engineering. He introduced himself and joined the Reunion with his wife Anuradha. On the second day of the Reunion, we all were staying at the Resort Hotel in Madh Island, we got close to each other and since then for the last 4 years, we have remained close.

Mohan and Anuradha joined the trips that I organized for our friends starting from North East he had suffered a health problem and had to undergo angioplasty in July, yet after taking permission from his cardiologist, he joined us in November , Munsiyari October this time he was recovering from a fall and had to use a stick for support , New Zealand November , Sikkim, Japan and Sri Lanka.

The two of them were accompanied by young Anuroopa who became the centre of attraction for the remaining 12 elder persons in the group. He told me that he would like to attend each trip that we conducted.