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Refine more Format Format. Best Match Best Match. Items in search results. Format see all Format. All Listings filter applied. Condition see all Condition. Item Location see all Item Location. Greek actor Titos Vandis was cast in the role of Father's Karras's uncle. Warners had approached Arthur Penn , Stanley Kubrick , and Mike Nichols , to direct, all of whom turned the project down.

Principal photography for The Exorcist began on August 21, Friedkin went to extraordinary lengths manipulating the actors, reminiscent of the old Hollywood directing style, to get the genuine reactions he wanted. Yanked violently around in harnesses, both Blair and Burstyn suffered back injuries and their painful screams were included in the film. The Making of the Exorcist , the injury did not cause permanent damage, although Burstyn was upset the shot of her screaming in pain was used in the film.

After Father William O'Malley confirmed to Friedkin that he trusted the director, Friedkin slapped him hard across the face to generate a deeply solemn reaction for the last rites scene; this offended the many Catholic crew members on the set. He also fired blanks [23] without warning on the set to elicit shock from Jason Miller for a take, and told Miller that the pea soup would hit him in the chest rather than the face in the projectile vomiting scene, resulting in his disgusted reaction.

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Lastly, he had Regan's bedroom set built inside a freezer so that the actors' breath could be visible on camera, which required the crew to wear cold-weather gear. The film's opening sequences were filmed in and near the city of Mosul , Iraq. The archaeological dig site seen at the film's beginning is the actual site of ancient Hatra , south of Mosul. Because the house from which Karras falls is set back slightly from the stairs, the film crew constructed an extension with a false front to the house in order to film the scene. Although the film is set in Washington, D. The temperature was brought so low that a thin layer of snow fell onto the set one morning.

Blair, who was only in a thin nightgown, says to this day she cannot stand being cold.

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The scenes involving Regan's medical tests were filmed at New York University Medical Center and were performed by actual medical staff that normally carry out the procedures. The scene in which Father Karras listens to the tapes of Regan's dialogue were filmed in the basement of Keating Hall at Fordham University in the Bronx.

King's room was photographed by production staff after a visit by Blatty, a Georgetown graduate, and Friedkin. Upon returning to New York, every element of King's room, including posters and books, was recreated for the set, including a poster of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin , S. Merrin was loosely based. One scene was filmed in The Tombs, a student hangout across from the steps that was founded by a Blatty classmate.

Father Merrin's arrival scene was filmed on Max von Sydow 's first day of work. Stuntwoman Ann Miles performed the spider-walk scene in November Friedkin deleted this scene against Blatty's objection just prior to the December 26, , premiere, as he judged the scene as appearing too early in the film's plot. In the book, the spider-walk is somewhat more muted, consisting of Regan following Sharon around near the floor and flicking a snake-like tongue at her ankles.

A take of this version of the scene was filmed but went unused. A different take showing Regan with blood flowing from her mouth was inserted into the Director's Cut of the film however. The Exorcist contained a number of special effects, engineered by makeup artist Dick Smith. In one scene from the film, Max von Sydow is actually wearing more makeup than the possessed girl Linda Blair. This was because director Friedkin wanted some very detailed facial close-ups.

When this film was made, von Sydow was 44, though he was made up to look The Exorcist was also at the center of controversy due to its alleged use of subliminal imagery introduced as special effects during the production of the film. Wilson Bryan Key wrote a whole chapter on the film in his book Media Sexploitation alleging repeated use of subliminal and semi-subliminal imagery and sound effects. Key observed the use of the Pazuzu face in which Key mistakenly assumed it was Jason Miller made up in a death mask makeup, when it was actress Eileen Dietz and claimed that the safety padding on the bedposts were shaped to cast phallic shadows on the wall and that a skull face is superimposed into one of Father Merrin's breath clouds.

Key also wrote much about the sound design, identifying the use of pig squeals, for instance, and elaborating on his opinion of the subliminal intent of it all. The subliminal editing in The Exorcist was done for dramatic effect—to create, achieve, and sustain a kind of dreamlike state. If you can see it, it's not subliminal. The editing of the title sequence was the first major project for the film title designer Dan Perri.

Lalo Schifrin 's working score was rejected by Friedkin. Schifrin had written six minutes of music for the initial film trailer but audiences were reportedly too scared by its combination of sights and sounds.

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It has been claimed Schifrin later used the music written for The Exorcist for The Amityville Horror , [49] but he has denied this in interviews. According to The Fear of God: The Making of the Exorcist on the 25th Anniversary DVD release of the film, Friedkin known for his temper literally took the tapes that Schifrin had recorded and threw them away in the studio parking lot. In the soundtrack liner notes for his film, Sorcerer , Friedkin said that if he had heard the music of Tangerine Dream earlier, then he would have had them score The Exorcist.

Instead, he used modern classical compositions, including portions of the Cello Concerto No.

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The music was heard only during scene transitions. What is now considered the "Theme from The Exorcist", i. In a restored and remastered soundtrack was released by Warner Bros. That same year, the Japanese version of the original soundtrack LP did not include the Schifrin pieces but did include the main theme from Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield , and the movement titled Night of the Electric Insects from George Crumb 's string quartet Black Angels.

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Lyric writer Lefteris Papadopoulos has admitted that a few years later when he was in financial difficulties he asked for some compensation for the intellectual rights of the song. Part of Hans Werner Henze 's composition Fantasia for Strings is played over the closing credits. Upon its December 26, , release, the film received mixed reviews from critics, "ranging from 'classic' to 'claptrap'.

A limited special edition box set was released in for the film's 25th anniversary; it was limited to 50, copies, with available copies circulating around the Internet. There are two versions: The extended edition was later re-released on DVD and released on Blu-ray with slight alterations under the new label "Extended Director's Cut" on October 5, The Beginning and Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist.

If you want to be shaken—and I found out, while the picture was going, that that's what I wanted—then The Exorcist will scare the… shit out of you. The climactic sequences assault the senses and the intellect with pure cinematic terror. Director Friedkin's film will be profoundly disturbing to all audiences, especially the more sensitive and those who tend to 'live' the movies they see Suffice it to say, there has never been anything like this on the screen before.

Are people so numb they need movies of this intensity in order to feel anything at all?

The reviews were not all positive. It establishes a new low for grotesque special effects The Exorcist succeeds on one level as an effectively excruciating entertainment, but on another, deeper level it is a thoroughly evil film. DeMille minus that gentleman's wit and ability to tell a story Over the years, The Exorcist ' s critical reputation has grown considerably. The site's critical consensus states, " The Exorcist rides its supernatural theme to magical effect, with remarkable special effects and an eerie atmosphere, resulting in one of the scariest films of all time.

It's absolutely true with The Exorcist—it reflects the anxieties of the audience. Some people think it's an outright horror-fest, but I don't. It was written by a devout Catholic who hoped it would make people think positively about the existence of God. William Peter Blatty, who wrote the book, thought that if there are demons then there are also angels and life after death.

He couldn't see why people thought it was scary.

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I've seen it about times and every time I see something I haven't seen before. Director Martin Scorsese placed The Exorcist on his list of the 11 scariest horror films of all time. The Exorcist was released in London on March 14th, These protests involved members of local clergy and concerned citizens handing out leaflets to those queuing to see the film, offering spiritual support afterwards for those who asked for it. The Exorcist was available on home video from the early s in the UK. Earlier this was by cowboycapitalsigns, better known by initial genomic release date of me.

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