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If her length channels Behati Prinsloo or Maria Sharapova, you can bet that her vertically challenged boyfie will feel extra tall himself, having her as arm candy. He's got a good view of her chest. Going downtown is easier.

Imagine the time and energy a short guy saves when having to lick off his lofty lover. His natural smallness alone makes him the perfect candidate to explore his lady's nether regions. Most men need to be forced into cunnilingus. Although there are no guarantees, sheer proximity alone renders the smaller beau into an oral machine.

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Think about that when sizing up a man, ladies. Scintillatingly long torso paired with far-reaching arms and perky boobs: This might lead to an overcompensating personality manifested through aggression and boastfulness.

Being short is one thing, but having a short temper and a mean streak that's hard to deal with, however, is a different story. It absolves the guy of any obligations. No airport pickups, no meeting parents.

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I binge-drank, talked shit about other women, and constantly reaffirmed my status as the exception. I drink whiskey straight! Oral sex and feelings went unreciprocated—because I refused to let on that I wanted either returned. The more I pushed down my own needs, the more reckless my behavior became.

Cosmopolitan things to know before dating a short girl

As my best friend, Julie, describes it: Also, you lost a lot of weight and drank too much. This is par for the course for Chill Girls, explains Skeen. That results in a lot of self-destructive behavior, like binge-drinking, eating issues, and shopping addiction, to distract yourself from the fact that none of your needs are being met.

Neither of us could keep denying how bad he was for me—rather, how bad I was for myself around him. I actually tried to hook him up with a good friend of mine. I pretended I hate-watched Sex and the City , when in truth I love it earnestly to the point of being deranged.