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So I would say, bikinis in the winter are what I love about Dubai. Beaches are so nice with shells and clear water.

Tell me, what are the weird and silly things you like about your temporary home? Leave a comment and share this with your friends at home and in Dubai. If you enjoyed this post, check out the rest of the posts I created while I lived in Dubai in my Dubai life section. Your post has increased my anxiety to visit Dubai. Dubai seems like a great destination!

I completely understand why so many young women move there! Some are pretty obvious, others might surprise you… Why do so many young women choose to move to Dubai? The city has a host of popular nightclubs and bars, which are popular venues for meeting people of all different nationalities. Therefore, dating is not uncommon in the city, but the rules governing dating in Dubai are very different from those in the UK, Europe or the USA.

Why I left Dubai and won’t come back, part 1/2

Although Dubai is by far the most liberal emirate in the Saudi Arabian peninsula, there is a code of acceptable behavior when you are in public. Arab traditions in dating are much more conservative than Western norms, so do not automatically assume that what is acceptable in your home country will be considered appropriate in Dubai.

Public displays of affection are frowned upon by Emiratis local Dubai folk and inappropriate behavior can land you in jail with possible deportation for serious offences. Having said this, dating is common here and dating practices are mostly similar to those in other countries; the biggest difference is that modern dating behavior needs to be balanced with the more conservative Arabic norms of socially acceptable behavior.

According to Islamic Sharia law, it is illegal for men and women to date in the same way as is normal in Western cultures, unless they are married. It is also illegal to live together or have sex without being married. Although these laws are not stringently enforced in Dubai, unless someone complains to the police, it is wise to tread with caution when it comes to living together or dating in Dubai.

As foreigners in a Muslim country, following these few simple rules will ensure that you can have an active social life, have fun and find companionship without the law breathing down your neck. Approaching the fairer sex is fine as long as you practice discretion in your attempts.

Yes, they will spent weeks on reading CVs, calling people, invite them and test them in interviews, for positions that are not real. So in the present corporate world where money and capital are flowing and many positions are not vital for running the business, competence is not that important, following orders is gold. Yes, in principle a HR manager could be replaced with everyone or everything even with a nice plant. So in this sense what happens on the jobmarket scene in Dubai simply reflects a more generral trend in the corporate world.

I Just wished i was born in the West instead of being a Lebanese living with these brainwashed people 18 years. Not everything in the West is good and not everything in the East is bad. Dubai should not be taken as a representative example of the whole Middle East. Most Popular Articles of Backpack Me.

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Who are they aiming all these empty buildings at?? Who will come and why?? Its a strange old place, Strict Islam with prostitutes and a bacon double cheese burger. Really really nice thought provoking article. Hope the Asians understand and leave the country as soon as possible. People should not get confused with the concept of religion, it is a set of rules formed to run a society in a way that is thought best for the society, imagine you think of a new organization, once you get to the basic formation, the immediate step would be to write the code of practice, religions have come the same way.

Abdul Sami, I would tend to agree with you however the point is that in Dubai as in Other gulf States, rules are mainly theoretical, they rarely are applied in practice in they way they should. All the racism and exploitation found in Dubai are strictly against islamic principles. The same with the justice system who favors the locals to anyone else even if you are a Saudi and get into a car accident with a Dubai native, its always your fault.

And the same with prostitution which is officially ilegal but unoficially widely accepted. Zara, I first read part 2, now I read part 1. I totally see your point. But, OMG, these posts cause so much controversy… I love reading these comments! Glad you enjoyed to read these 2 posts, Pedro! Controversy is the word! I love to have inspired some hot debate in here! People like you need to understand one basic rule of life, that is, nothing and no one and no place in this world is perfect. I m sure you have ur flaws as well and i m guessing, alot of them.

I personally love Dubai because this place offers me safety and security for myself and my family.

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I dont need to surround my house with a million security systems in the fear that some maniac tired of the growing unemployment in the down ward spiralling economy of the country, will decide to raid my house to steal things that he can live off. I dont walk on the streets in Dubai being scared that at any minute I might get mugged or stabbed or shot. I dont need to pay high taxes to a useless government which in turn gives my hard earned money for free to some loosers who dont wish to work and live on unemployment benefits.

You talk about human rights? Western countries cant even offer a safe and secure environment for their people to live in. Any time in the day or night you or your family can robbed or stabbed. That is not violation of human rights?

Dubai offers a community where people can live and work peacefully. If you commit a crime you will be punished. This place is way better than those useless western countries where people walk into schools and stab children or shoot them just for fun. No wonder thousands of expats who have lived and worked here now want to thank Dubai for the amazing life they had here in Dubai.

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This is just an example.. In fact when i lived there for 3 years my friend got mugged twice, once in the morning 10am. Another time 4 black guys pushed open his door while he was in his apartment in one of the most secure student accommodation called Victoria Halls. And after that he was harassed and bullied everyday by those same guys and no one would take his complaint on that.

While I was studying there someone in Birmingham University found a dead student at 5pm. My cousin was studying there and at noon in broad day light some people robbed the bank just outside his lane. The only news we hear about western countries is about someone stabbing someone or shooting someone or some other financial mess.

Thats all that happens. This year UAE has ranked 1 in the world for treating women with respect. It has also ranked 1 for lowest level of violent crime, the lowest homicide rate, the lowest undernourishment rate. It is a country which is improving daily. It is not a country that is plagued by unemployment or is busy getting the whole world down because of some financial mistakes it has made. It is a country that is busy each day detecting its flaws and improving on them.

It is a country which has taken the hit for recession created by some other country and it has come out a winner. I am a free human being here, free to go down my house at even 3am all alone and grab a cup of coffee. And I think that is true right to live. Human rights violation is when people get scared to leave their homes and enjoy the evenings because they might get mugged.

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Dubai gives its people the right to live and the security to live freely. Every country has some flaws but a basic thing a country should provide is security to its people which UAE does and US and UK fail to do. Where do you even get these stats from?!

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I get what you say about feeling safe roaming around Dubai.