Scorpio man dating libra woman

The Libra woman should learn to make a decision and go for it, rather than constantly annoy her Scorpio man with her indecision — but if the couple can manage that, then this can be a very mutually beneficial and friendly relationship.

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Scorpio Man Libra Woman Compatibility

Athena May 16, Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Jupiter in Relationship Astrology: A Philosophical Love Match? Too Hot to Handle? Aries and Aries Compatibility: I am a Libra women extremely in love with a Scorpio man. We've taken the time to get to know each others families and made strong bonds with certain members. I've heard a lot about how non communities Scorpios are and I have to differ.

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I think a lot of why the relationship has lasted this long is our willingness to give and take. I allow him to be him as long as he respects me and vice versa. I try to reinsure him that if im here im here and im his. I think that this can be a prosperous relationship if both parties are willing to put forth effort!! I am a Libra girl who dated a Scorpio. It's very true that Scorpio's are very jealous as he constantly wanted to know whether there were other people in the relationship and hated seeing me talk to other guys, even though they were just friends.

But he was very emotional and open with his feelings, as opposed to me who was quite distant, that distance not helping ads he did not give me a chance to relax in the relationship and be my true self. In the end, I could not deal with the fact that he was talking to other girls to make me jealous, and left as all the compliments he used to give me were gradually becoming less frequent.

I can say that Scorpio's sure know how to sting. I don't think I will ever forget this boy. Libra woman dating a Scorpio man. I dated a Scorpio man and later on we both decided it was better to be friends. I did experience jealousy I've heard so much about and the controlling and dominating part of his personality. I am loyal and faithful.

Fooling around in a relationship is a ridiculous waste of time. If I feel the relationship can't be repaired then both should go their separate ways. Life is too short for nonsense. My problem with him was his secretive nature. I really don't need to know all of your business especially if it doesn't concern me, however, when it does I don't like to be spoon fed information either. Our issues were trust.

For some reason he didn't trust me. I never fooled around on him or flirted with anyone. I think my personality and friendliness is what made him suspicious of me. He took it as flirting especially when it came to other men. The irony is how he interacted with other woman, which was to me a form of flirting. I never reacted to his encounters with the other sex but I did have conversations with him about it.

The love making was second to none. He was absolutely the best lover I've ever had. The relationship fizzled out because I became bored with his dark side. He started off as very sociable but that didn't last. He didn't like crowds and I drive in social settings.

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He became distant and broody so I called it off. The irony is that we are great friends now and talk more now as friends than we did as lovers. We even started a business venture together that's going very well, only after we established our roles in the business. I will always love him.


He tells me he loves me every day. We both are in relationships with other people right now, but for the most part the Libra woman Scorpio man relationship works best as a friendship or a business partnership not as lovers. Too many differences in personalities to make it work. I am Libra woman and right up to this point I feel that I have actually met my match I respected him upon our first meeting. He is spiritual and his will is very strong. He is for the most part patient; however I had a taste or two of his sting. Being that he thinks I am use to getting my way I know he is loving just by the way he speaks to me.

Since meeting him I have grown so much more spiritually and emotionally. I am in love with him and dangerously to a fault. I am a Libra woman who just met a very sexy Scorpio man a few days ago. Physically, he is totally my type -- bad boy. I've known another Scorpio man who was totally the Scorpio personality that is written about. I would love to get to know this new Scorpio man more. We talked about zodiac signs, and I mentioned a Scorpio is jealous, possessive, etc. Says he go with the flow, easygoing.

But he has been married 3 times already and he's only 41!!!

How to Make a Libra Woman Fall in Love with a Scorpio Man Endlessly -

So what does that tell you???? Libra girl dated Scorpio man for 12 years.

Possibly the best and only person who could love me with such intensity, passion and single minded devotion. Chased me for a year before I agreed to go out with him. Then chased me half way across the world to be with me when I moved overseas for work. However I could never change the Scorpio stubbornness and single minded pursuit of what was important to him - should have read this blog 12 years ago Scorpio men have a way of casting a spell on us Libra Women They are SO moody and can not handle our free loving nature..

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