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Digital Dating: Rewriting fairy tales for the Tinder era

The website is valued at Rs 2. Shagun TV , a Hindi language channel was launched in that was dedicated to matchmaking and wedding businesses.

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When channel head Anuranjan Jha was asked in an interview as to why television was the chosen medium, he was vocal about how matchmaking was never discreet and there was no pint being shy about it. Needless to say, the channel found 10 million in viewership on a weekly business. Although not arranged in the traditional sense, it still is a sort of an arrangement. At the end of the day, both involve two strangers meeting to arrive at the decision of being together or not, which may not necessarily mean marriage.

So what really pushes people to subject themselves to the scrutiny of a complete stranger- is it curiosity, a genuine effort towards finding profound love, peer pressure or sheer desperation? Honestly, it could be any of these. The market for online dating caters not just to the young and straight. The rise of online dating users has given a new ray of hope to people of varied sexualities, age groups, races, physical disabilities , and nationalities by reiterating their faith in the fact that there truly might be someone out there for everyone. People are not just treating this as a casual hook up place but look at this as an opportunity to help them reinvent themselves and their relationships.

Online dating has catalysed the process of global integration. People are willing to look for love beyond their social circles and venture into alliances with people from different communities. By cutting across borders and having greater access to other communities, the rigid lines that used to separate classes and cultures are slowly being blurred.

Finding love is not just limited to your immediate friends circle or your vicinity anymore.

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A little blind trust is required. European economists Josue Ortega and Philipp Hergovich carried out a research in response to the rise of online dating to find out that interracial marriages have experienced a sharp rise recently. The playground of online dating gives a chance to people of different ethnicities to interact and hence leading to diverse courtships taking place. Their research also highlighted marriages that are the labour of online dating transition from dating to marriage quicker and are more stable as compared to those that are a result of conventional partnering.

Although the westernised concept of online dating seems to be coming around amongst people, especially in the East, there remains a large section of society that considers it to be a taboo. Digital matchmaking has carved its own niche over the years by becoming an acceptable medium of finding companionship. These NamLee Shippers need to grow up. They are going wild around the internet. Always same group of people.

Digital Dating: Rewriting fairy tales for the Tinder era

Maybe should instead ask why they care? As it got nothing to do with song2.

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  7. Basically, in general obsessed shippers are toxic. The MC must have a big headache dealing with crazy shippers.

    Overrated drama by i-fans, nothing special. It had many, many things that I consider iffy.

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    The only reason why people loved it was the otp lol. Lol the first episode I found the actress not convincing at all as a weight lifter. The drama relied a lot on fanservice. I give them that. The script writer was probably on crack.


    Bok Joo was supposed to have self esteem issues and battle with her body image and femininity. They made LSK wear lumpy paddings under her trousers and wear baggier clothes, but it was all too obvious.

    Fire !!!! Going To Hospital - Fairy Fantasy SIMS 4 Game Let's Play Dating Video Series

    And she was called fatty and ugly all the time lol. People date and break up all the time. They have harassed LSK and NJH since wfkbj aired, always commenting their damned swag and Messi and then hordes of them kept commenting about their partners when their posts had nothing to do with them. Busy schedule is a just a common phrase they use when releasing break up news. Quite frankly, shippers might have put too much pressure on them.

    The outcome was predictable too. I bet half of their insta followers are those dumb wfkbj shippers anyway. This is why many celebrities prefer to keep their dating life private. I feel bad for the actresses too and every time the victim is a female. I truly hope those delusional attackers are not just females themselves but, it is most likely so. Why do they think they have the right to demand how someone live their life is beyond me however, there is also the mentality that these actresses are privileged and famous so they have to take this burden. They are all hiding behind a hidden name on the internet so they attack like a bunch of crazy deluded hyenas.

    Not only that those shippers are female.

    Before & After : Dating Fairy

    But half of them are ahjummas with kids. It makes me feels so depressed thinking that there are too many toxic people exist in this world. NamLee shippers are the worst shippers on this entire k-drama fandom. They just want LSK and NJH to fulfill their sick fantasies, as if these people were not human beings with emotions at all.

    Weightlifting Fairy Dating Costars Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung Confirm Breakup

    For long, I used to think that Moonlover shippers were the absolute worst, because they kept harassing IU after she broke up and then they started name calling and hating on Jeon Hye Bin. But NamLee shippers are really something else. SongSong shippers were the most annoying, not because their ship was wrong or, but because of their nasty behavior to others.

    As conclusion, delusional and entitled shippers, who have no regard of these people and only want to have their borderline disturbed fantasies for them, should be avoided by any cost. They are the worse. And that comment had actually multiple likes. The biggest victims have always been female actresses. This is why I perfectly understand why some celebrities much rather keep their love lives private, because these rabid shippers would start hating their significant others and then hate them.