How to stop online dating addiction

There may be more - she couldn't quite remember. Being in touch with all these men makes me feel alive and interesting. One in five new relationships starts online, according to research by eHarmony, with the relentlessly upward swing such that it's thought more than 50 per cent of couples will have met online by , and 70 per cent by Debrett's recently announced that it is releasing an etiquette guide for older daters, after research found that almost one million overs were ready to use dating sites in pursuit of romance and even sex, but weren't sure where to start.

Well, plenty already have.

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Whereas Tinder and the like were once seen as a something's game, and purely for "hooking up", its reputation has changed and now there's an entire older generation of daters hooked on swiping right. For the uninitiated, this indicates you're interested. If they swipe right, too, you have a match. And as 40 and somethings are finally being recognised as late but enthusiastic app-adopters, five per cent more of the market is moving towards this age group.

The Treatment for Online Dating Addiction

Some apps such as Firstmet are specifically targeted at older users, with more than 97 per cent of their 30 million users being over Jo would have attested to this rise in the older online dating market - if she hadn't spent our entire meeting checking her phone. There were texts from "Pete", messages from "Greg" and all sorts of other winky face emoji pinging through. When I asked her if she knew what she was looking for she pulled a face. I can recognise this. Online dating can be great. It helps you meet new people. It reassures you that there's someone out there - the dating arena for the newly single something goes from being barren to full.

For her, this isn't even the point.

It is as if they have a fuel tank that supplies the gasoline to a race car engine, but it only has a one-gallon capacity. Melissa, a year-old codependent, and Jake, a year-old love addict, were oblivious to their psychological afflictions. They were blind to their revolving door dating pattern, which they simply dismissed as a phenomenon of the modern Internet age of romance. To the Jakes and Melissas of this world, Internet dating is like a virtual candy store with the most tantalizing choices of yummy treats.

The 12 Steps To Breaking Free From Your Addiction To Dating Apps | Thought Catalog

With so many types of candy and so many opportunities to try them all, who could stop at just one? Analogous to the fantasy candy store, the Internet dating sites — thousands of them — guarantee perfectly harmonious everlasting love, combined with steamy Hollywood romance.

6 Reasons Why I Quit Online Dating

Love addicts hungrily rely on them to actualize their made-for-TV dream of true love. About three months ago, Melissa met Jake on one of the many free Internet dating sites. Not only did their profiles match up perfectly, but the photos they shared with each other sparked deep waves of anticipation and excitement. These were not just regular phone calls, but marathon calls that lasted for hours.

The more they talked, the more the waves of excitement and anticipation built.

The 12 Steps To Breaking Free From Your Addiction To Dating Apps

Melissa felt in her soul that Jake was the perfect man; the man she had been looking for her whole life. His edgy and commanding nature made her melt inside. She imagined Jake to be a brave and confident man who could light up any room with his charisma and charm.

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  • Are you suffering from "online dating addiction"? Here is how you can regain your freedom.!

Almost every topic took on a romantic and mildly sexual tone. Although they never talked directly about sex, the roundabout seductive nature of their discussion opened a floodgate of wanton anticipation. It was as if they were strongly charged magnets whose opposite, compelling attraction was building up by the hour. Although neither tried to fight this irresistible magnetic force, they knew if they tried, it would have been futile; no different than a guppy swimming up a raging river trying to mimic its salmon cousins.

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  8. Melissa and Jake met at a local restaurant. When they met, the electric charge of their shared chemistry sent a palpable shock though them both.

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    Instead of going straight home after work, where you will find yourself alone with not much else to do than to turn on your computer, go to the gym. Or, better yet, register for a class, where you will be busy and you will meet people. Having an enjoyable scheduled activity that keeps you away from the computer may be enough to help you re-center your attention. If necessary, register for different classes. The busier you are, the less tempted you will be. Seeing friends and relatives will likely give you a renewed appreciation of what real human contact can bring. And again, it will keep you busy and away from the computer.

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    7. Quickly check your personal emails at work at the end of the day and make your home a computer-free space for a while. And buy books, newspapers, magazines, listen to the radio or rent movies to occupy your time at home.

      Take the time to reflect on what you really want out of life, work, relationships.