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Stars Screen Binge Culture Media. Tech Innovate Gadget Mission: Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. It can be a lonely life for long-time sailing enthusiasts. That's why many are turning to specialty nautical-themed dating sites. Story highlights For sailors traveling the globe, finding a longterm partner can be difficult Young mariners may find it easier to meet adventurous companions Online dating site LoveSail.

When Ian McLaren-Morris named his 12 meter yacht "Silver Slipper," he never could have known it would bring him a real life fairytale romance. The divorced father-of-two had long dreamed of sailing around the globe with his very own Cinderella; a soul-mate who shared his love of the ocean and sense of adventure. But finding a special woman willing to quit her job and say goodbye to her family and friends for a romantic voyage into the sunset wasn't quite as straightforward as the year-old had hoped.

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Like a growing number of single people across the world, McLaren-Morris searched for love on internet dating websites. Two years later and the sailor was still no closer to finding his seafaring sweetheart. It wasn't until McLaren-Morris signed up to a website catering specifically for boating enthusiasts, LoveSail.

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We take great pride in two things. Our Boating dating site has soul! What we mean by that is we are a community of single men and women who love boating. We are REAL people and our sailors dating site has nothing to gain from being a generic 'meet me site'. Explore your boating passions and meet others with an interest in sailing and boating.

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We are supported by a few small ads on the site and we are not looking to become rich. That is hardly the case.

We offer a refreshing real dating experience that never costs you a dime. I often meet the guys with yachts who want someone to sail on theirs Are we all getting too fussy? It is really is hard to crew up as they are always full. Went out with some crazy guy that was also a novice and he let go of the wheel and said " Take over, I don't feel like doing this!

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So I did and wanted to boot his ass overboard for trying to scare me. I just kept going and then he got scared, so I jibe hoed us around and got us back to the dock safely. He had a nice boat, but he was a jerk!

Single Sailors at Anchor and Marinas. Sometimes by choice and other times it would be fantastic to have a soul mate to enjoy the lifestyle!! I have met a lot of single male sailors They are mostly clean!

At anchor, this is where I find the 'grotty yachties' Really would prefer to stay single unless I can find a water person more compatible! Are we looking for too much? Some of the best ones I have come across are American based, but you get comments from around the world too. Want to Crew Offshore?